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Internal communication – teachers

If teachers want to communicate with each other via the application, they can create their own class (but this must be done by the Administrator or Branch Manager from the PC).

1. Creating a class

You need to create a class, which you can name freely, e.g., Teachers. In the Teachers field you will fill in all the employees with whom you will share internal matters.

2. Child without parent

You need to put fictitious children in the class. The child’s profile will be created traditionally, but the name will match the teacher’s name and will not have a parent assigned. (If you are entering children into your fictitious class whose profiles are also fictitious, there is no need for such a child to have a parent assigned in the Children section, but the child will be labelled- no parent.) You enter these children in the Employees class.

3. Application

You can then share your internal issues within the fictitious class in the application. Since each teacher can create posts, you can also comment on others’ posts and have a conversation. We don’t recommend using the group as a chat, though. Rather, use it as an information group for important events or to communicate illnesses and refunds, for example.

TIP: Fictional children can be assigned to teachers in the virtual child column. This feature is more for children’s groups where virtual children are transcribed on the form for the MLSW. However, some preschools assign children to teachers anyway, for clarity. This is because the child’s label changes from “no parent” to “virtual”.