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Admissions 2.0.

Enrollment from us is now not only automated but also individualized

We’ve taken all the insights, suggestions and comments you made last year and modified the admissions process to make it even more useful for you. The most common question was whether the emails, forms or documents we provided could be edited. We are happy to finally say YES. You can now use our preset templates or you can build everything your own.

The Twigsee system also allows for emergency and special entries. This means that you can also use the enrollment for Ukrainian children according to LEX Ukraine.

How do you start the enrolment?

As before, just add a link to the form on the site. All the enrolments will drop into your “Enrolments” section where they will be waiting to be evaluated. However, you will no longer find the link on the notice board, but it will be generated as soon as you list the admissions procedure in the “Applications” section and the “Admissions” category. You can thus list multiple admissions at the same time.

How to do it?

If you want to set up the admission procedure yourself:

1. Set up emails for parents

Preset the emails that should be sent to parents when an application is accepted or rejected.

You do this in the “Settings” section and the “Emails” category. You can very easily set placeholders in the email for information that parents have already entered into the system. So an email will be generated for each child with their information.

2. Application section

In the Applications section, under the Admissions category, you can then set up:

  • Basic settings (name, period for which the admission is active, and if you have more than one branch listing admissions at the same time, the option to set preferences and capacity for each branch)
  • The layout of the form (what information you require from parents or what attachments parents should provide)
  • The email that will come to the parent after they submit their application and add the evaluation emails that you created in step 1 (acceptance or rejection)

3. Save and link

Once saved, you will see a new entry in the “Admissions” category and a link at the end of the line to embed on the website.

Note: You can edit the admission procedure even if it is already in progress. Applications already submitted will not be affected by the change.

However, we do not stop here. We know that one of the hardest parts is the actual evaluation of the admissions process, and here too we are preparing new features that will save you a lot of time and nerves.

For those of you who have already decided to apply for admission under the old rules, we also have good news. If for any reason you would like to change the information, you can. Your applications will fall into the same category and can be evaluated together with the new ones after export.