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Moving classes into the new year

If the school year has ended and the class in the following school year will have the same name, it needs to be moved to the new school year.

1. Duplicating a class

In Twigsee, select the Classes folder on the left, click and select Class List. In the class list, you will find the class that needs to be moved to the new school year. Click the Duplicate icon to the right of the row for that class.

Twigsee class duplication icon location

2. Edit the class

If you click Duplicate, you will see the form of that class, where you can add children who will attend the class in the current school year or remove those who will no longer attend the class. Edit the list of teachers and click Save.

Twigsee form of the selected class where you can edit all the information

3. Archiving

You must also archive the original class. You locate the class, and click the Archive icon on the left side of the row. Confirm this action..

Twigsee pop-up window Archiving
Twigsee view of the newly modified class for the new school year

TIP: Need to create new classes for the new school year? Find the full guide here