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How to add a poll for parents in Twigsee?

With a poll, a teacher can easily get answers from parents on a topic, for example, whether their child would like to stay overnight at the preschool. The poll is then displayed to parents in the app and they can respond by selecting one or more answers.

A poll is a post type, so it can be found among the posts.

1. Where the Posts section is located

In the main left menu under the Posts tab, select the Posts section.

Twigsee posts are located in the navigation in the Posts section

2. Adding a poll

Click the arrow next to the green + Add Post button in the top right corner of the Post List window to display the Add Poll option. Selecting this option will open the poll details window.

Twigsee add poll via green button + Add post

3. Create a poll

Fill in the poll title, description and activity type one by one. The activity types are defined and you can expand the list using the arrow at the end of this box. To select an activity type, click on the specific activity name.

Twigsee filling out poll information

4. Time limitation of the poll

You can limit the time limitation of the poll. So if you know you need to know the parents’ response by a certain date, you can mark that date. Click in the Poll time limited field to display a calendar in which you select the date you want. After that date, parents will no longer be able to vote in the poll.

Twigsee how to set a time limit on a poll

5. Setting up answers

You can vote for one or more answers in the poll. To set this up, click on the blue arrow to the right of the Parent can vote for answers box and select Yes.

Twigsee setting up poll responses

6. Create responses

As needed, use the green Add Response button to set the desired number and specific content of responses.

Twigsee create poll answers

7. Maximum number of voters

If you know that, for example, the evening sleepover in the nursery has a maximum capacity of 20 children, you can set the number of YES answers to a maximum of 20. Once the number of responses for the YES option has been exhausted, this option will no longer be offered to parents

Twigsee setting the maximum number of responses

8. Marking children

Next, you must mark the children to whom the survey applies. You can select an entire class using the green button on the right side of the class row. If you need to select only some of the children, click in the Classes box. A list of children will expand and click to select only the ones you want. In case you select the whole class by mistake, you can easily delete it again using the red button on the right side of the row.

Twigsee marking the children to whom the survey applies

9. Insert photos and save poll

You can add a photo to the poll, or it can contain only text. Save the newly created poll using the green Save button in the bottom right corner.

Twigsee inserting photos and saving the poll using the green save button

10. Editing the polly

The newly created poll will be displayed in the Post List. If you need to edit the poll (add a child, change the text, change the number of voters, etc.), you can reopen the poll detail and edit what you need via the blue pencil icon. Save all changes again using the Save button.

Twigsee how to edit a poll