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Modifying a child’s profile

Do you have a new number or change of address and need to forward everything to the nursery and be sure you have everything saved? There’s nothing easier than to edit your details by editing your child’s profile as follows:

1. Child information

On Timeline, you will find a second tab in the bottom bar with information about the children and the nursery.

2. The Edit button

You will see your child’s profile and click on Edit on the top right.

3. The child’s tab

The system will refer you to the child’s card where you can make the appropriate changes.

4. Change the data

For example, if you want to change the child’s address, you navigate to the address on the child’s card and click here to edit.

5. Save changes

The child’s card has 4 tabs, after checking and editing all the essentials, you click save on the bottom right and now the child’s profile is edited.

Excuses cannot be updated here.