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What does F0/F1/F2 mean?

F stands for the form you need your parents to fill in. The number then indicates the order in which the forms are received by the parents. The exception is F0, which indicates a permanent form. More specifically:

1. F1

This is the application form. You can view the information the parent has entered on the application form in the child’s card. After selecting the section, you will see a list of children and their details, click on the child (directly on the name in the row) you are looking for and at the top left you will see a link to the F1 form.

Twigsee view reports
Twigsee F1 form submission

2. F2

This is another form that you can find in exactly the same way as F1, this is the form where you fill in the information about the children that the preschool needs to register on the register. However, they can request parents to complete this form if the child is officially admitted to the preschool.

TIP: How to make the admissions process much easier?

Twigsee form submission F2
Twigsee completion of personal data according to form F2


This is the last form, combining F1 and F2. This is for updating information (e.g., change of address, postponement of schooling). If a parent is sent this form, it is assumed that the child is already attending the preschool, is active and the information on this form only needs to be updated. You may resend the form to parents. The submit button can be found in the Matriculation folder, on the right side of the line for that child. Forms can also be sent in bulk via the action button above the table in the Children section.

Twigsee submitting form F0