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What is a late note in Twigsee?

In order for the attendance and meal charge link to work properly, it is necessary to set a time by which a child must be excused in order to not pay the meal charge for that day. This is done by means of a early excuse note. If a parent sends in an excuse slip later than the specified time, it is a late excuse.

1. Overview of Late Excuse notes

In the main menu on the left side of the screen under the Attendance tab, select Monthly. This will open a window with a monthly attendance summary. A late excuse is marked with a red exclamation point.

TIP: For an explanation of all the symbols and colors used in the attendance summary, see the Attendance Legend.

Twigsee monthly attendance report where late excuse is marked with a red exclamation mark

2. Excuse note detail

Click on the exclamation mark icon to display the excuse detail – here you can see the date and exact time the parent entered the excuse.

Twigsee viewing the detail of the excuse note after clicking it