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Filtering posts in the Twigsee mobile app

You can filter posts for easy navigation in the mobile app. The filter can be found in the top right corner and you can sort posts as follows:

1. Filter icon

Click on the filter icon on the top left

2. Filter menus

When you click on it, you will see a row of menus to filter by, e.g. date, author of the post, specific child, etc.

Twigsee when clicked will show you the filter icons of the row of menus that need to be filtered

3. Filter for a specific child

For example, if it is a specific child filter, you click the child box in the row, then type the name in the filter. Confirm your selection on the top right with the Done button. Once you have entered it, the timeline will show all the posts related to the child that was entered in the filter.

4. Filter for a specific date

For example, if the posts are from a specific date, the filtering procedure is the same as for filtering children.

Twigsee if it is for example a filter for a specific child, in the row you click the child box, then in the filter you type the name

Several filters can be applied at once (e.g. activity + date + child). If you want to delete a specific filter, just click on it and select Clear selection.

Attention! If the filter is not deselected by the red Clear icon in the left-hand row, only the filtered posts will continue to appear on your timeline.

Twigsee if the filter is not canceled by the red Delete icon in the left row, only filtered posts will continue to appear on your timeline

TIP: Want to filter posts using your own text? Click here for instructions.