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First access to Twigsee administration

The moment the preschool decides to enter the Twigsee platform, the preschool Manager profile is created for the specified e-mail address in administration. This email comes with a password that the user uses to log into administration. You’ll login here.

TIP: Have more time and want to read a more detailed tutorial on how to get started with Twigsee? Read the article Welcome to Twigsee.

How to proceed?

  1. Start by creating a Principal profile in the administration, only under this profile is it possible to enter the mobile application. The e-mail that this profile will be linked to may be the same as for the preschool Manager profile, as these are accounts in two different Twigsee interfaces.
  2. Fill in your preschool information with Preschool Editing.
  3. Create classes.
  4. Add other users – teachers and parents.
  5. Add children.
  6. Try entering attendance in the mobile app.
  7. Create posts within the application so that the “wall” is not empty.
  8. Invite parents to the Application
Twigsee first access to Twigsee administration