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How to edit an absence slip?

If you’ve entered an absence slip incorrectly, it’s easy to correct.

1. Login to the app

Log in to the web app and click on the Absences section on the top left of the main page.

Twigsee location of the Excuse button in the navigation of the web interface

2. Calendar

You will see a calendar where you can search for the day you incorrectly excused your child and click on the pink circle.

Twigsee calendar view for editing a child's excuse

3. Edit absences

You will see a table and at the bottom left you will find the Edit Absence option. Click and you will see the form again with the day, how long your child will be absent and the reason. Here you edit the absence to match the reality, Save and the absence is edited.

Twigsee preview for editing a child's absence
Twigsee final saving of the edited excuse note

4. Deleting the absence slip

If you need to delete the absence, just click on the red delete absence button. Take note that only future absences can be deleted.

TIP: you can find the link to the web app and the absence confirmation in the mobile app