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How to add a parent to the Twigsee administration?

Parents are an integral part of the running of the preschool. They are all the recipients of information about the children who are not school staff, so they can also be the grandparents of the children. There is no limit to their number.

1. Where is the Parents section located?

In the left main menu, under App Users, select Parents. A window opens with the Parent Overview.

Parents are located in the navigation in the Application Users section

2. Adding a new parent

Use the green + Add Parents button in the top right corner.

Adding a new parent using the green Add Parent button

3. Completing parent details

A window opens to enter the necessary parent information, including a photo. Fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory, and without filling them in, the system will not let you go further.

Filling in the parent's details

4. Assigning children to a parent

Clicking in the Child box expands the menu of children specified in the app for the preschool. To assign a specific child, or children, click on their names in the menu.

TIP: Don’t have a child added in the administration? Full instructions for adding children to Twigsee administration can be found here.

Click to assign a child to a parent

5. Saving a new parent profile

To save your newly created parent profile information, use the green Save button in the lower-right corner.

Save using the green Save button

6. Parent profile created

A green-framed pop-up window informs you of the correct saving of the newly created parent profile. A new profile is now created in the parent list.

The item has been created