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How to send the form for updating the register in bulk to all parents?

It is also possible to send a request for updating the civil registry in bulk, which means a considerable saving of time. To send a bulk mailing, use the Send F0 button.

Location of the Send F0 button

In the main left menu, select the Children tab. On the right side of the top bar you will find the Send F0 tab. When clicked, a menu with 4 more options will expand.

  • Send new and create a register – selecting this option will send a request to complete the F0 form to all parents of newly admitted children. This will automatically create all these children in the registry as well.
  • Resend to unregistered – a request to complete the F0 form is sent to all parents who have not yet completed the F0 form.
  • Request an update – this option will ask all parents to update their existing children’s details.
  • Send to all – the F0 form will be sent to all parents of all children on the app.
Twigsee location of the Send button F0