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Is your child ill or unable to attend nursery for family reasons? With our app, you don’t have to send a text message and look for a phone number to send a message to.

Sending an excuse to the nursery

Twigsee makes the process of excusing children very easy:

1. Create a new excuse note

In the timeline app, click on the third tab in the bottom row and you will see a list of the excuses you have already created. Click on “New” at the top right.

2. Mark the child

You will see an icon or icons (if you have two children in the nursery) and click on the icon of the child you are excusing (you can also mark all your children). If the child’s icon has turned blue, it means that the child is tagged and that is OK.

3. Select a date

You will now select a date from when to when your child will be absent from nursery and whether they will only be absent in the morning, all day or in the afternoon.

4. Reason for absence

Next you will select the reason for the absence. You have a choice of several possible options. Special cases are the covid and covid quarantine excuses?

5. Saving the excuse slip

If you have completed all the requirements, click on “Done” on the top right.

You will now see Accepted on your timeline, this means that the excuse has been registered and your child is now properly excused.