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How to set up a discount on school fees in the Twigsee administration?

If you have the possibility to provide an individual discount on school fees, for example, if there are siblings in the same kindergarten, you can set it up via the Registr module.

1. Where is the Matrices tab located?

Select the Registr tab from the main menu on the left side of the screen.

Twigsee location of the registry in the navigation

2. View the child’s registry

In the main part of the screen, select the child you want to assign the program by clicking on the TWID number or name of the selected child. The child’s matrix will be displayed.

Twigsee selecting the child to whom you want to assign the program

3. Viewing the Additional Information tab

In the registry window in the upper right corner, use the blue button – the “i” icon in a circle – to open the Additional Information tab.

Twigsee viewing the Additional Information tab

4. Setting the discount on school fees

On the open tab, fill in the discount amount in the Tuition Discount field.

Twigsee fill in the amount of discount in the Tuition Discount field

5. Save changes

Complete and save the entire setup using the green Save button in the bottom right corner of the window.

Twigsee save changes using the green Save button

6. Discount saved

The green framed pop-up window informs you that the information has been correctly saved.

Twigsee information has been changed