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How to create classes for the new school year in the Twigsee administration?

If you need to create follow-up classes for the new school year for children who already attended the kindergarten, the Duplicate button will help you. So there is no need to create the class completely again. All children and teachers will remain enrolled in the duplicated class. You can easily edit any changes. Then archive the original class.

TIP: What happens if I archive a class?

1. Where is the class list located?

Select Class List from the left main menu under Classes. When clicked, a window with a list of classes will open.

Twigsee the list of classes is located in the navigation in the Classes section

2. Duplicate class

Select the class you want to duplicate. On the right side of the row, select the Duplicate button – the double square icon.

Twigsee duplicate the selected class using the Duplicate button

3. Edit the duplicated class

The Add Class tab opens, where you can edit what is needed. Select the new school year using the arrow on the right side of the School Year field. If there are changes in the class composition or teachers since the new school year, you can edit everything here.

Twigsee editing a duplicated class

4. Removing and adding children and teachers

To remove a child or teacher, use the cross next to the specific name. On the other hand, you can add a child or teacher by clicking in the corresponding field and then selecting the name from the menu that opens.

Twigsee removing and adding children and teachers

5. Saving a duplicated class

Once you have finished editing, save everything using the green Save button in the bottom right corner of the window.

Twigsee save the duplicated class using the green Save button

6. Class duplicated

The green framed pop-up window informs you that the duplicated class has been saved correctly.

Twigsee item has been created

TIP: Do you just want to move classes to the new year? Full instructions here