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How to create a teacher profile in Twigsee?

Teachers play a very important role in the running of the whole preschool. Teachers manage their assigned classes, share or record information through the app in real time. In rare cases, a teacher may also happen to be a parent of one of the children. You can find a guide to solving this problem here.

1. Where is the Teachers section located?

In the left main menu, under App Users, select Teachers. A window opens with the Teacher Overview.

Teachers are located in the navigation in the Users section of the app

2. Adding a new teacher

To add a new teacher, use the green Add Teacher button in the upper-right corner.

Adding a new teacher using the green Add Teacher button

3. Completing teacher details

A window opens to enter the necessary teacher information, including a photo. Fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory, and without filling them in, the system will not let you go further. 

TIP: Learn about the Extended Rights field

TIP: What is virtual child?

4. Saving a new teacher profile

To save your newly created teacher profile information, use the green Save button in the lower-right corner.

Save using the green Save button

5. Teacher profile created

A green-framed pop-up window informs you of the correct saving of the newly created teacher profile. A new profile is now created in the teacher list.

The item has been created