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The kid’s gone, what about the parent?

If a child has left the preschool, there are several options for dealing with the parent’s account. It mostly depends on how the parent wishes to handle the profile. Adjustments can also be made by our support at the request of the preschool where the profile is located or the parent whose profile it is.

1. Archive

It is likely that the child has been archived via the Children section, meaning that the child’s record has been archived and the parent or parents attached to the child’s account have also been automatically archived. This way the parent still has access to Twigsee and can see their child’s profile  but:

  • can only view the information that exists about the child until the archiving process is complete
  • does not have the possibility to enter absences.

The account can still be kept and there is no effect for the nursery.

ATTENTION: If a child has siblings in a given nursery the automatic archiving of the 1st child will not occur to archive the parent’s profile.

2. Delete

If a parent would not like to see the profile in the application, the second option is to delete the parent (only in the Parents section, not in the Child tab or Forms!!!) – this means that you will no longer have information about who the child’s profile was displayed to or who was entered in the Parent section of the application. The record will be deleted as if it did not exist . However, the information in the Matrix (i.e., information about the legal guardians, etc.) will remain.

The parent will no longer be able to access the application, (unless they have an account at another branch). If they have a profile in another branch, they will no longer see the card with their child’s profile from your branch in the application. Nor will they see any of the posts.

3. Change email or unpair profile

This function is used if a  parent does not want to see their child’s profile or needs to block the profile. If the parent’s email is changed, the parent has no way to access the original account. Just changing the password is not enough (the parent can choose a new one).

It is also possible to keep the parent’s account in the administration but unpair it from the child’s profile – this way the parent cannot access the child’s account and cannot see any posts, past or future. In this case, the parent loses access to the child’s information and the profile and posts disappear from the app. If they only had that one profile in the app, the app would be empty.

CAUTION: If the child’s record would be archived in the Matrices section, all data related to the application is active. That is, both the child’s profile in the application and the parent’s profile in Parents (this is how children are archived, for example, because they have individual lessons but attendance is officially terminated). In this case, the archiving must be done manually in each section separately.