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Children with individual attendance

If children have individual attendance and only attend preschool a few days a month, it is possible to place these children in a different class so that parents only receive their child’s posts and are not overwhelmed by the contributions of children who attend  every day.

1. Where is the Classes section located?

From the main menu on the left side of the screen, select the Classes tab and then Class List

Twigsee class list is located in the navigation in the Classes section

2. Adding a new class

Open the form to create a new class by clicking on the green box + Add Class

Twigsee open the form using the green Add Class button

3. To fill in a new class

A window will open to enter the necessary information about the new class. Fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory, without filling them in the system will not let you proceed. Fill in the name of the class, in the Children field select the names of the children who will attend this class. In the Teachers field, select the teachers. Finish setting up the new class by clicking on the green Save button.

Twigsee form to fill in the details of the new class and then save it using the green Save button