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Overview of children

Need to call parents or see what food your child in your class has an allergy to? That’s what the child overview in our app is for:

1. The Children tab 

In the mobile app, click on the Children tab in the bottom bar.

Twigsee where you can find the Children tab in the mobile app

2. Select a classroom, click on the “Children” tab.

You will see the kindergarten and classes. Find the class where the child whose details you need to view attends.

3. Select a child

Click on a class and you will see icons for each child. You select a child and now see their detail. Here you can view the classes he/she attends, excuses, guardians and other details (parent phone number, allergies, etc.).

4. Search for children

The information is displayed 1:1 according to the form from the parents. Should parents update the information, you will see the change immediately. (This is often used just for pick-up people.)

If you want to simplify the whole process, just click on the line with the magnifying glass icon Search for child in the Children folder to find the child.

Twigsee when you click on the magnifying glass icon, you can search for the child using the text

TIP: Kids aren’t the only things you can search for in the app. You can also search and sort posts in the app.